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Welcome to TommyRay's

We are a boutique artisanal barbecue company, micro-brewing sauce and dry rub in small batches.

Our sauces are all-purpose and can be used on any type of meat, from beef to chicken and pork. We think our most unique quality is that our sauce is thick and will not run off of chicken like many other barbecue sauces.

Our Dry Rub is great for all types of meats and fish, and can be used for garnishing deviled eggs, french fries, potato chips, pumpkin seeds, and seasoning mayonnaise for use as a sandwich spread. Adding our dry rub to flour makes a great savory breading for chicken and fish, and it is s a wonderful enhancement to Creole recipes.

Visit our Products Page to purchase our delicious sauces and rubs.

TommyRay's Line of Products