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About TommyRays Barbeque

We are two Chicago guys (Tommy and Ray) who started barbequing in the back yard for family and friends. After many rave reviews and lots of compliments, we decided to go into competition.

In our first outing, we blindsided the competitors and finished in the Top 10 in the 1990 Chicago Tribune - Mike Royko Ribfest. This was quite an accomplishment considering there were approximately 700 contestants from across the country!

Other competion results include:
1991 Inaugural North Shore Ribfest 1st Place Ribs*
1st Place Pork Loin*
* using our all-purpose Dry Rub
1993 North Shore Ribfest 2nd Place
1999 Northcenter Ribfest 1st Place
2002 Northcenter Ribfest 11st Place Ribs and 2nd Place for the BBQ Chicken

Many fellow barbeque enthusiasts ask us:
 "What style is this?"

We say it is "Chicago style" - thick, sweet and tangy!

Our products are loved by friends in many other places including Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, U.P., and Nevada; as well as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

We think our most unique quality is that the sauce will not run off of chicken like most other sauces. Our sauce is cooked in small quantities with quality ingredients for optimal flavor and consistency.